The Half Marathon

Well it has been sometime since I wrote about my runs. Even the half marathon that I participated in was on Sunday. I meant to write about the HM sooner but some things kept coming in the way. I know you would be curious about how the HM was and my performance in it, so let’s get to it.

I felt good about my performance leading up to the event and was confident that I’ll be able to finish it in about 2.15. The running group that I am a part of had arranged for a bus to the venue. We planned to be there about 45mins before the start.

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Now the event had a 10k run and a 5k run apart from the HM. Usually the HM would start first, then the 10k and lastly the 5k. But this event had the 10k starting first at 5.45am followed by the HM at 6.15am and the 5k was scheduled later in the day. It had to do with the route of the HM, 10k people had to complete one loop of the route while HM participants had to complete two loops of the same route. To ensure the 10k participants don’t get in the way if HM guys, they had scheduled it that way.

We reached the venue by 5.30am and got warmed up. The 10k guys had already started their race by that time. Slowly we were asked to line up and the HM also began. Now even if I had felt good about my preparation leading up to the HM, I wasn’t feeling good about running that day.

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As we started, my breathing was labored and rhythm was non-existent. I somehow managed to huff and puff to the 5k mark and there I took a short break. I tried to stretch myself and then slowly started to walk. I increased my pace a bit and the walk turned into a slow jog. Unfortunately the rhythm was still not there. I then started to alternate between walk and jog, I would jog for a few minutes and then walk for a bit. But as the time ticked past 8.30am, the sun was out and one could feel the heat. This meant my jog time was decreasing and walk time increasing. Somehow the last km I managed run and cross the finish line.

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I was more relived that I finished, didn’t think that I would have this much trouble finishing my HM. Still this was good reality check for me about my preparations for the full marathon in January. The schedule, which had gone for a toss needs to be followed if I have to hope for a decent – not good but decent – performance in the FM.

Let’s see if I am able to manage that.

Navy HM 2018_Result

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