All set for the half-marathon tomorrow

Hey folks, howz it going? Tomorrow is the day of the half marathon, which will be my first HM for more than 18 months. Not that I haven’t run that distance in that time. I have actually completed completed a full marathon and many training runs above the 21km distance. But never an official HM.

I am feeling good about my preparation even though my training program got a bit derailed in between; you know because of work, the Diwali festival and general laziness on my part. No doubt I am a bit nervous about what the official timing will be and how will my overall performance be, but still think should be able to finish the HM in 2hours and 20minutes.

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Its not that I can’t run faster, but this is sort of a checkpoint towards training for the full marathon in January. So my run, its pace and everything will be geared towards ensuring proper preparation for the FM.

I’ll try to post about my race experience and performance as soon as possible. So do come back in a couple of days and check out how I did.

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