Day 7: A run above 15k?

It has been sometime since my last blog post about running. Those who follow me would be aware; I recently launched a mobile game called “Asteroid Surfer” for download from the iOS App Store as well as the Google Play Store (click on the link to go to the respective store for download). Had been busy with the launch of that game these past few days and hence this post got delayed.

I had been planning for a run of at least 15k for the past couple of weeks. But for some reason or the other, I had to keep pushing that run further down the line. As per my previous post, that run should have been this past Friday. Unfortunately, due to commitments towards launching the game saw me miss that mark completely.

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Forget about a 15k run, I couldn’t even lace up for a short run. My weekend was spent with my head buried in the laptop. Monday morning was no better. But with the game now online, I had to stay on top of my running schedule. So, Monday afternoon, with temperatures in mid 30’s (degree Celsius) I decided to go out for a run. To make matters worse the high temperature was accompanied by high humidity too.

I set out with an aim to run for as long as possible and come as close to the 15k mark as possible without injuring myself. I set out slowly with a steady pace. But what I didn’t account for is that Monday was the first day of one of the biggest festival in India, Diwali.  Due to the time of the day and being Diwali’s first day there was a lot of rush on the roads. This made maintaining a good rhythm impossible. Actually on a couple of big intersections I had to wait for 40-50 seconds just to cross the signal.

I still carried forward, dodging the oncoming vehicles and people. The heat and humidity was slowly beginning to affect me. I had never practiced in such weather before. I figured that I’ll complete a 10k round and call it a day, but after a certain point I just felt I cannot continue and I stopped. I thought I must have completed about 9k but the result is for you to see below.

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As mentioned, this run of mine took place on Monday, 5 November. But due to the Diwali celebrations the post about the run was delayed. The next run is planned for tomorrow and that will definitely be a 15k run. I got no choice, only 10 days for the half-marathon.


Do visit again in a few days to check out my journey in the running world.

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