Day 6: A Run for Unity

Today – 31 October was a pan India event called ‘Run for Unity’, organized in the memory of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who was the first home minister of India. In my hometown the run was organized by the city police commissioner. You could run for either 5k or 10k; I had chosen to run for 10k.

The event was supposed to flag off at 6am but the reporting was early at 5am. So, I was up at 4.15am early morning to be on time. Now I could have easily reported at 5.40am and it would not have mattered. But as I had registered only a day back I didn’t have my bib on me nor was I aware of the route for the run. That prompted me to reach the venue at 5am, collect my bib and check out the route.

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The route was mostly along the hilly road bordering a national park. I had not run on the route but had driven along that road a few times and was aware that this road was gonna be a up and down.

The run flagged off after a zumba warmup session. The route started as a flat road but by the 1k mark there was an uphill climb which lasted till about 2.5k mark. From that point on up and down the road went. I was trying to keep a steady pace, but the nature of the route was making it difficult. I had not practiced for such a route and could feel the effect of this run on my thighs, which were beginning to feel heavy.

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I walked a steep uphill climb for 100 or so meters and then continued to resume my steady pace. As I crossed the 8k mark, the road was downhill and then flat. I managed to finished my run in a little over an hour which, to be honest, I wasn’t sure I would manage.

The route was new for me and would like to incorporate it in my regular running schedule. My planned Thursday run has now been pushed to Friday. Hopefully, that planned run of at least 15k will not be delayed further.

Do visit again in a few days to check out my journey in the running world.

31Oct'18 - medal  31Oct'18

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