Day 5: Need to ‘Pull-up’ myself!

Well as per my last blog post, I was supposed to go for at a 15k run this Sunday. But unfortunately, my training schedule went for a toss, or rather it took a nap on Sunday. Now I have decided to go that run of at least 15k on Thursday.

While training for a marathon entails going for a lot of practice runs, strength training also plays an important role in conditioning your body for the rigorous of a marathon. Normally I perform some variations of body-weight exercises at home. But I would always pass this open gym on my way to my practice runs and plan for a workout there.

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By now you must have guessed it, today was the day I went there. I used to go to a gym regularly about 4 years back, and at that time I could perform 2 sets of 10 pull-ups easily. I knew that was not gonna be possible today, but felt I should be able to do at least a couple of them. After some basic warm-up exercises, I set myself for some pull-ups.

Extended my hands and got a good grip of the bar; took a deep breath and up I went, or so I thought. I barely completed half a pull-up before I let myself down. I barely completed 3 half pull-ups before giving up. That was a reality check for me about my overall conditioning.

I needed to work on my overall fitness was never a doubt for me, but just how much work is needed is only now dawning upon me.

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Do visit again in a few days to check out my journey in the running world.

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