Day 4: How to keep up my pace?

Today I had some work to finish so started my run earlier than usual. The route was similar the one I ran on day 2 and wanted to match that days pace.

Today’s was a routine run, managed to complete a 5k run nearly 33mins. The pace was decent as compared to the recent days. I have been trying to acclimatize my body to run at a certain pace. The idea is to ensure I can run shorter distances at that pace first and then try and match that pace when I go on incrementally longer runs.

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For the 5k runs I have been able to maintain an approximate pace of 6.2 min/km. But the pace for my 10k runs is about 6.45 min/km. No the problem I foresee is, if can’t maintain pace of 6.2min/km for 10km then will I be able to maintain a pace of 6.45min/km for the marathon or  even the half-marathon for that matter.

This is something that hopefully will build up with more practice, but cannot be sure. This Sunday I am planning to go for a run of at least 15km.

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Do visit again in a couple of days to find out if I have been able to maintain my pace for 15km.


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