Day 3: Go Far or Go Fast?

Well it’s been so far so good as far as keeping to my schedule is concerned. Then again these are still early days and I have to cover a lot distance to be prepared for the marathon.

Today, even as I was changing into my running gear, I wasn’t really sure about how far I wanted to run or the pace at which I would run. I couldn’t finish my planned route the first day and had lost focus on my breathing last time around in a bid to go faster.

I stepped out and began my stretching and warmup, still thinking about how to run today. Running a longer distance seemed appealing rather than running faster, after all I am training for a marathon. And let’s not forget that I have a half marathon that is coming up 18th November which is less than 4 weeks away.

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So I need to ensure I run minimum of 16k at least twice in the next couple of weeks, while building up my endurance. Hence, I decided to run the same route I had failed to complete on the first run.

With that decide, I started with an easy jog. Even as I picked up my pace after 1k, I ensured that my breaths were deep and rhythmic. Crossed the 6k mark without any fuss; but as I completed 7k, felt tightness in my calves. I didn’t feel tired like the other day, but this feeling was not letting me stride freely and my pace slowed.

What was causing this tightness, inadequate stretching, wrong running form, or improper breathing? I wasn’t sure. At that point reduced my pace a bit more and tried to relax my entire body. Kept taking in deep belly breaths, and could feel the tightness go away.

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I picked up the pace for the last couple of kilometers and was able to finish strong. I completed the planned route at a quicker pace than my first run.

Do visit again in a few days to check out my journey in the running world.


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