The Journey Begins!

I had not gone for a 10k run in the last few months. The last time I ran more than 10k was the Full Marathon I ran at the Tata Mumbai Marathon held on 21 January 2018.

Now have planned a few runs longer than 5k to prepare for the upcoming Navy half marathon which is scheduled on 18 November 2018 and of course the Tata Mumbai Marathon on 20 January 2019. Actually, had planned this 10k for last week but didn’t feel up to the task. Even today morning I was searching for a reason to not venture out, but then the thought of not being fit enough to complete the half marathon motivated me to change into my running gear and step out.

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The plan was to start with a slow jog, ease into a nice running rhythm and keep a steady pace. So I set off. The first 5k went pretty well, had a good rhythm.  Deep breaths of fresh air had rejuvenated the body; felt as if I can go on longer with no problem. Slowly but surely, I could feel my body getting tired. The effects of not running for these past few months were beginning to show.

My legs felt heavy, the deep breaths were feeling a bit more labored. After about 8k didn’t think that I would be able to complete my planned route. Hence I decided to keep small targets, I said to myself, “I’ll run till that lamp-post” or “I’ll run up to that intersection”. By keeping such small targets of about 200-300 meters, I completed 10k. But unfortunately, was not able to complete route that I had planned, which would have required me to complete 11k.

By deciding to run for at least 10k, I wasn’t mentally up for the challenge of finishing that last kilometer. As soon as I completed 10k, I think my mind just called it a day. But it was a start none the less. I have less than a month to be ready for the navy half marathon. If I can keep to my schedule, should be ready for it.

Do visit again in a few days to check out my journey in the running world.

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